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Warfare in the Book of Mormon
TitleWarfare in the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
Series EditorRicks, Stephen D., and William J. Hamblin
Number of Pages534
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book
CityProvo, UT/Salt Lake City
KeywordsAncient America - Mesoamerica; Ancient Near East; Warfare
This volume of articles is based on papers presented at the Symposium on Warfare in the Book of Mormon, held 24-25 March 1989 at Brigham Young University, under the sponsorship of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.). The symposium presentations, which were open to the public and frequently attended by capacity crowds, followed on the sessions of the Working Group on Warfare in the Book of Mormon held in August 1987, also at Brigham Young University. One of those who originally presented papers at the Working Group, the late Major Brent Merrill, United States Air Force, died in 1988. However, his papers have been included in this volume.
These meetings represent, so far as we are aware, the first time that an entire conference has been devoted to a discussion of the issue of warfare in the Book of Mormon. While a systematic study of this critical topic has yet to be written, we believe that this volume represents a significant step toward a better understanding of the subject.
Many individuals have been instrumental in the preparation of Warfare in the Book of Mormon. Lyle Fletcher, Adam Lamoreaux, Art Pollard, Shirley Ricks, and John W. Welch, as well as my coeditor, William J. Hamblin, have all played a vital role in the completion of this project. Thanks are due to Shauna Gibby, Patricia J. Parkinson, and Richard Tice of Deseret Book for assistance in seeing this project through to publication. I also wish to thank both the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.) and the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, Brigham Young University, for providing assistance and resources that facilitated the completion of this volume.

Table of Contents

22 Chapters

John W. Welch | pp. 3-24
Richard Dilworth Rust | pp. 29-32
Terrence L. Szink | pp. 35-45
John W. Welch | pp. 46-102
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 118-123
Hugh W. Nibley | pp. 127-145
Daniel C. Peterson | pp. 146-173
Daniel C. Peterson | pp. 174-224
A. Brent Merrill | pp. 266-295
William J. Hamblin, A. Brent Merrill | pp. 329-351
William J. Hamblin, A. Brent Merrill | pp. 360-364
William J. Hamblin | pp. 365-399
William J. Hamblin | pp. 400-424
William J. Hamblin | pp. 481-499
Warfare in the Book of Mormon