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TitlePlural Marriage
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1887
AuthorsJenson, Andrew
MagazineThe Historical Record
Issue Number3–5
Date PublishedMay 1887
KeywordsKimball, Lucy W.; Kimball, Sarah M.; Partridge, Eliza M.; Partridge, Emily Dow; Plural Marriage; Polygamy; Smith, Emma Hale; Smith, Joseph F.; Smith, Joseph, Jr.; Snow, Eliza R.; Thompson, Mercy

"As a number of apostates and other opponents of the truth are continually attempting to deny certain facts connected with the introduction of plural marriage among the Latter-day Saints by Joseph Smith, the Prophet, it has been deemed proper, in connection with our other historical labors, to compile and republish in the Record the following statements, testimonies, affidavits, etc, from truthful and reliable parties, who have been eye and ear witnesses to the circumstances and incidents of which they speak ; and also to add new proofs and testimonies to those already made public."