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TitlePillar of Light
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBradford, Richard
KeywordsChurch History; First Vision; Smith, Joseph, Jr.

Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

I wanted to try and capture the moment and contrast between the overwhelming darkness that had surrounded Joseph and the brilliance of the light that fell upon him. That moment changed not only Joseph but the entire history of humankind, opening the door for the fullness of the gospel to be poured out upon the earth filling the dark earth with new light.

The artist is an art teacher at a charter school for disadvantaged kids in east central Texas. He has been drawing, painting and creating for as long as he can remember. He follows a long line of artists in his family from his father to his great-grandmother.

Pillar of Light by Richard Bradford

Scripture Reference

Joseph Smith—History 1:15-17