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TitlePerforming the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsHawes, Allison M.
Issue Number9
Date PublishedSeptember 1993
KeywordsDrama; Missionary Work

A description of the success of “Stories from the Book of Mormon” as a missionary tool.


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Performing the Book of Mormon

“We are breaking the ice and taking some information about the Church to the people,” says President Pedro Brassanini of the Curitiba Brazil Stake. “People are responding very well to this dramatic portrayal of themes and stories in the Book of Mormon.”

He is describing the stake’s production of a play depicting stories of Nephi, Alma, Moroni, and others from the Book of Mormon.

“The stories have come to life for us and have sparked the interest of many people, who have since come into contact with the Church,” says President Brassanini. The stake has recently seen a 30 percent increase in their baptism rate. Within four months after the initial performance, missionaries had baptized twenty-seven families who were introduced to the Book of Mormon through the production.

President Brassanini estimates that some sixteen thousand people saw the stake play during its twelve performances in Curitiba. At one performance, there were more than three hundred investigators in the audience. As a result, missionaries were able to pass out more than six hundred copies of the Book of Mormon.

In addition to being helpful in stimulating the interest of those who attended, the play helped strengthen the testimonies of the more than 130 participants.

“Everyone who was in the play has a new view of the Book of Mormon,” President Brassanini remarks. “Acting out the stories gave them a desire to read the Book of Mormon.”

Producing the show made demands on the members of the Curitiba stake. President Brassanini, however, feels the benefits to members and the community greatly outweigh the cost and efforts. “This is our offering of love to the Lord, our consecration. Our people need the blessings,” he says. “Those who worked on the production learned to rely upon the Lord.”—Allison M. Hawes, Durban, South Africa