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KnoWhy #548 - Why Did Nephi’s “Fine Steel” Bow Break? (1 Nephi 16:18)

TitleKnoWhy #548 - Why Did Nephi’s “Fine Steel” Bow Break? (1 Nephi 16:18)
Publication TypeKnoWhy
Year of Publication2020
Corporate AuthorsBook of Mormon Central Staff
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
Place PublishedSpringville, UT
KeywordsAncient Near East; Broken Bow; Metallurgy; Nephi (Son of Lehi); Weaponry

Understanding that Nephi’s bow was likely not fully made of steel or bronze, but rather a composite bow with steel or bronze sheeting is significant for understanding how Nephi’s bow could break in the Arabian wilderness. Beyond such environmental and physical factors, however, are the spiritual lessons Lehi’s family needed to learn from such an incident. When Nephi’s bow broke, Laman, Lemuel, and even Lehi, “began to murmur against the Lord.” After Nephi built a new bow and arrow, he asked his father where he should hunt, a gesture that humbled Lehi and got him to “inquire of the Lord.” Book of Mormon readers today can learn from Nephi’s example. When things go wrong or unexpected obstacles get in the way, instead of murmuring and complaining, it can become an opportunity to put one’s trust in the Lord, rather than relying on the “arm of the flesh.”

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Scripture Reference

1 Nephi 16:18