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KnoWhy #431 - Where Did the Book of Mormon Happen? (2 Nephi 1:8)

TitleKnoWhy #431 - Where Did the Book of Mormon Happen? (2 Nephi 1:8)
Publication TypeKnoWhy
Year of Publication2018
Corporate AuthorsBook of Mormon Central Staff
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
Place PublishedSpringville, UT
KeywordsAncient America; Book of Mormon Geography; Early Church History; Prophet; Revelation; Smith, Joseph, Jr.

Since it was first published, people have wondered where in the Americas Book of Mormon peoples and cities could be found. Joseph Smith and early Latter-day Saints considered ruins and artifacts from all over North, Central, and South America as evidence for the Book of Mormon. Before long, there were several competing opinions and theories. While The Church encourages interested members to study this subject out on their own, they have never endorsed any particular geography and have reemphasized that the purpose of the Book of Mormon is to testify of Christ.

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Scripture Reference

2 Nephi 1:8