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KnoWhy #277 - Why Does Jacob Describe God as a Divine Warrior? (2 Nephi 6:17)
TitleKnoWhy #277 - Why Does Jacob Describe God as a Divine Warrior? (2 Nephi 6:17)
Publication TypeKnoWhy
Year of Publication2017
Corporate AuthorsBook of Mormon Central Staff
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
Place PublishedSpringville, UT
KeywordsCovenant; Divine Warrior; Holy One of Israel; Imagery; Jacob (Son of Lehi); Jesus Christ; Likening; Mortal Life; Promise; Redeemer; Savior; Warfare

Jacob’s powerful discourse recorded in 2 Nephi 6–10 uses some intense imagery that depicts God as ever ready to defend his faithful covenant people and fight battles on their behalf. Jacob’s Nephite audience had been driven from their ancestral land of promise in Jerusalem and were concerned that they had now been cut off from the Lord’s covenantal promises of prosperity and security. Jacob sought to reassure his people that the Lord had not forgotten them by utilizing the traditional scriptural portrayal of God as a Divine Warrior who had the power to intervene and fulfill His covenantal promises.

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Scripture Reference

2 Nephi 6:17