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KnoWhy #228 - Why is the 10-Year Peace Treaty Important? (Mormon 3:1)

TitleKnoWhy #228 - Why is the 10-Year Peace Treaty Important? (Mormon 3:1)
Publication TypeKnoWhy
Year of Publication2016
Corporate AuthorsBook of Mormon Central Staff
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
Place PublishedSpringville, UT
KeywordsJubilee Year; Lamanite; Mormon (Prophet); Nephite; Peace; Politics; Prophet; Treaty; Warfare

After briefly reporting on 24 continuous years of war and wickedness, Mormon said that the Nephites entered into a treaty with the Lamanites in the 350th year. Assuming that the Nephites festival schedule reset when they started counting their years from Christ’s birth, this would have been a jubilee year, specifically the seventh jubilee. This year would have held a great deal of religious importance, and there is potential sympolic meaning in this as the timing of the treaty. This period of peace also likely provided Mormon with the time necessary to abridge the Nephite records.

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Scripture Reference

Mormon 3:1