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TitleHome Evening Scripture Parties
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsBurr, Brenda Hulse
Issue Number4
Date PublishedApril 1990
KeywordsFamily; Family Home Evening; Scripture Study

One enjoyable way to approach Book of Mormon scripture reading with the family is given.


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Home Evening Scripture Parties

To reward our efforts and emphasize what we are learning from our Book of Mormon study program, we celebrate with a family home evening scripture party whenever we finish reading a book or a group of smaller books. We give the party the name of the finished section. We have had, for example, a “First and Second Nephi Party,” an “Alma Party,” and a “Mosiah Party.”

During our parties, we play a question-and-answer game that focuses on the section we have just completed. We vary the difficulty of the questions so that everyone—from Mom and Dad down to our two-year-old—can enjoy the game. We also vary the teams: Mom and Dad might play against the children or we may challenge another family in the ward who is also reading the Book of Mormon. We’ve even included Grandma and Grandpa and the full-time missionaries.

We conclude each party by discussing our favorite parts of that particular section, then previewing the book or section we will read next.

The whole affair is simple; making up the questions is the most time-consuming part. But the idea of having a party creates a lot of enthusiasm among our children for scripture reading, and the actual event helps us all review and remember what we have learned.—Brenda Hulse Burr, Las Vegas, Nevada