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Epistrophe: Similar Sentence or Clause Endings

TitleEpistrophe: Similar Sentence or Clause Endings
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Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPinnock, Hugh W., and Fernando Vazquez

Donald Parry writes, "Epistrophe, or ‘like sentence endings,’ is the repetition of an identical word and/or expression at the end of successive sentences." E. W. Bullinger states, "It is a figure in which the same word or words are repeated at the end of successive sentences or clauses, instead of at the beginning." Similarly, it is defined as "a figure of speech in which each sentence or clause ends with the same word." Epistrophe is a characteristic of poetry rather than prose.


An extract from Hugh W. Pinnock, Finding Biblical Hebrew and Other Ancient Literary Forms in the Book of Mormon (Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1999), 36.

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