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Why Did Helaman Want His Sons To Remember To Build Upon The Rock? (Helaman 5:12)
TitleWhy Did Helaman Want His Sons To Remember To Build Upon The Rock? (Helaman 5:12)
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Year of Publication2017
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KeywordsFoundation; Helaman (Son of Helaman); Jesus Christ; Prophet; Redeemer

In Helaman 5, Nephi and Lehi, the sons of Helaman, decided that they needed to preach full time to their people. Nephi was the chief judge over the land, but he had become so weary of the iniquity of his people that “he yielded up the judgment-seat, and took it upon him to preach the word of God all the remainder of his days, and his brother Lehi also” (Helaman 5:4). During these difficult times in which “the laws had become corrupt,” the Nephite people were shifting their values (Helaman 5:2–3). In order to remain firm and steadfast, the brothers Nephi and Lehi recalled some important advice that their father, Helaman, had wanted them to remember (Helaman 5:6). Helaman, like other ancient prophets, compared God to a rock in order to teach how He can be like a place of safety and refuge — someone to go to when we are needing help and protection in a confusing and dangerous world


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Scripture Reference

Helaman 5:12