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Title"White" or "Pure": Five Vignettes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsCampbell, Douglas
JournalDialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
Keywords1830 Book of Mormon; 1837 Book of Mormon; 1840 Book of Mormon; 1879 Book of Mormon; Lamanites; Skin Color; White and Delightsome

Campbell weaves together historical narratives, textual analysis, and insights into the evolution of Latter-day Saint scripture, focusing on the subtle yet profound change from "white" to "pure" in the Book of Mormon. He sheds light on the contextual factors that influenced textual variations in different editions. Through a lens of printing technology advancements and meticulous proofreading processes, Campbell unveils the complexities behind the linguistic shifts in the Book of Mormon, inviting readers to contemplate the significance of these changes within the broader landscape of religious texts and interpretations. By examining these historical factors, Campbell sheds light on the complexities of religious interpretation and the evolving perspectives within the Latter-day Saint community regarding race and scripture.