Scripture Update: El Niño and Lehi's Voyage Revisited

TitleScripture Update: El Niño and Lehi's Voyage Revisited
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAston, Warren P.
Date PublishedFebruary 2008
KeywordsClimate; El Niño; Lehi; Transoceanic; Voyage; Weather

In the last two decades a plethora of studies shed considerable light on the effects of El Niño and its opposite phase, La Niña. Some of these findings have relevance to Nephi’s account of the ocean voyage. While some aspects are still only partly understood, scientists have determined that each El Niño event has a unique signature determined by its intensity, ocean temperatures, and duration. This fact has enabled them to search early weather and ocean records and trace events back over recent centuries.