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TitleScripture Sketches
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsBates, Kathryn Ricks
Issue Number6
Date PublishedJune 1991
KeywordsFamily; Scripture Study; Study Helps

Sunday evenings in the Bates family home are spent drawing pictures of Book of Mormon characters and stories in compliance with President Benson’s challenge to display Book of Mormon pictures in the home.


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Scripture Sketches

When President Ezra Taft Benson challenged us to display Book of Mormon pictures and quotes in our homes, I decided to order some prints of Book of Mormon scenes to frame and display. But before I had a chance to send in my order, my husband, Reid, came up with a creative way to heed the prophet’s words. He suggested that we draw our own Book of Mormon pictures.

Now, on Sunday evenings, we get out crayons and paper and each make a simple drawing of a scene from a particular Book of Mormon story we have discussed. One Sunday evening, for example, our six-year-old drew a picture of Lehi and his family in the wilderness; our three-year-old, a “picture” that he explained was Laman talking to Laban about the brass plates; and Reid drew the angel appearing to the four brothers. After we talk about our drawings, we hang our “story” in our home.

We have found that our pictures reinforce our study of the Book of Mormon—and they also give us a chance to have fun together and develop our talents.—Kathryn Ricks Bates, Danville, California