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TitleSacred Grove- Spring of 1820
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsGreen, Cierra Knoelk
KeywordsChurch History; First Vision; Sacred Grove

Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

I hope when you look into this painting you feel a deep sense of gratitude for Joseph Smith having the courage to pray out loud for the first time. His courage has blessed so many generations.  I used a lot of green, not just because it's a forest, but because green is a healing color. I want you, as a viewer, to feel hope and that you deserve healing. That healing today is possible through Jesus Christ.

Also, when you get lost in this painting, I hope you find reassurance knowing that whatever you are struggling with, you can call upon our Heavenly Father, with a sincere heart and He will hear your prayers. (Helaman 3:27) You can find that truth in the Book of Mormon, which was translated through the obedience of Joseph Smith.

Lastly, why the title?  Joseph Smith went to go pray in early spring. I imagine the flowers were starting to bloom that time of year. What a beautiful symbol of new life and new beginnings. God is clearly in the details.

After years growing up in a ceramic art studio and thinking I had no artistic ability and praying for a talent to call my own, God opened my eyes. It was there the whole time... I started painting to simply decorate a college apartment and found the more I painted the more it turned into an avenue for healing. It helped me to work through my father’s death and learned to trust the Lord in all things.  I found that to be true the more I let go and expressed what was inside. We are never alone in our struggles.

Fun side note, it is also how I found my husband...

My purpose in painting is to simply paint my testimony, healing process, and conversion in hopes to help people on their journey to find a lasting relationship that is vulnerable, endearing, and beautiful with Jesus Christ and the Father. 

This is my first art exhibit I am entering. My goal is simple. It was to push myself to enter.

I am a small town girl from Idaho and now living and painting in Lehi, Utah.

I started painting with watercolor in 2013 and now enjoy working with heavy body acrylic.

Sacred Grove- Spring of 1820 by Cierra Knoelk Green

Scripture Reference

Joseph Smith—History 1:14