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Religio-Sunday School Normal Lessons Course Two: Book of Mormon and Zion's Religio-Literary Society
TitleReligio-Sunday School Normal Lessons Course Two: Book of Mormon and Zion's Religio-Literary Society
Publication TypeManual
Year of Publication1911
AuthorsSmith, Walter A., and J.A. Gunsolley
EditionSecond Edition; Revised
PublisherHerald Publishing House/Ensign Publishing House
Place PublishedLamoni, IA/Independence, MO
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAncient America; Book of Mormon; Brass Plates; Community of Christ; Doctrine; Early Church History; Geography; Gold Plates; Heartland; Joseph Smith; Mesoamerica; Plates; Prophet; Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; RLDS; Structure; Translation; Urim and Thummim

No book can be said to be perfect, much less can the first edition. We expect that errors will be found in this. It is hoped the friends will kindly point out the errors, and exercise patience with the authors and publishers until the errors may be corrected.

The Religio Normal Lessons, Course Two, is a parallel course to Course One, introduced last year.

The lessons are in a sense an experiment, being the first of their kind written upon the subjects treated. But it is firmly believed that the lessons on the Book of Mormon have much merit, and the fact of their having been carefully examined and revised by such capable men as Frederick M. Smith, of the First Presidency of the church; F. M. Sheehy, of the Quorum of Apostles; and Samuel A. Burgess, a thorough scholar and critic, should inspire confidence in their value.

The lessons on the Religio were written by the president of the general society, a fact that should give prestige to them.

We submit the course to the officers, teachers, and students of the Religio and Sunday school, and to the church and the world, and with a prayer that its mission may be fraught with much good to humanity, bid it godspeed.