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Prophecies of Christ’s Ministry in the Meridian of Time

TitleProphecies of Christ’s Ministry in the Meridian of Time
Publication TypeChart
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsWelch, John W., and John F. Hall
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsJesus Christ, Mortal Ministry of; Jesus Christ, Prophecies of; Study Helps

The advent of the Savior was indisputably the most important event ever associated with this world. His coming to a particular place and at a particular time when the circumstances were in place to allow the triumph of his atoning mission is not only recognizable in retrospect but served as the subject of numerous, though varied, prophecies. Such prophecies related not only to his birth and mission but also to specific details of his ministry and death. These revelations were given beginning in the earliest epoch and continuing down to the very night before his birth. Prophets in all dispensations, in the Old and New Worlds, declared the coming and the atonement of the Son of God. Chart 8-9 enumerates these prophecies and categorizes them in topical groupings.


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