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Present Status of Book of Mormon Archaeology, Part I

TitlePresent Status of Book of Mormon Archaeology, Part I
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1952
AuthorsChristensen, Ross T.
MagazineMillennial Star
Issue Number9
Pagination206–211, 218
Date PublishedSeptember 1952
KeywordsAncient America – Mesoamerica; Archaeology; Book of Mormon Historicity; External Evidence; Native Americans – Maya

Christensen defines Book of Mormon archaeology as “that branch of general archaeology which studies the discoveries . . . [for] every fact which throws light upon the Book of Mormon.” It can be expected both to elucidate the scripture and to confirm it. Using the study of the Bible through archaeology as a model, he lays out a logic and methods for doing so, notably by establishing “major” and “minor” correspondences. Major correspondences consist of geographical and chronological frameworks in the real (New) world that compare adequately with what the Book of Mormon says. Minor correspondences consider specific cultural elements such as the use of iron, the wheel, the horse, etc. Ultimately it should be possible to test “the historical claims” of the Book of Mormon by archaeology. The status thus far is reviewed in this series and the interim conclusion is reached that “in large part the Book of Mormon is vindicated by archaeological science; but many points still remain . . . to challenge us.” The first part introduces the series.