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TitlePortrait of Mosiah 18
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsFurse, Nani Lii S.
Issue Number7
Date PublishedJuly 1992
KeywordsAlma the Elder; Poetry; Waters of Mormon

A poem about those who listened to Alma’s teachings at the Waters of Mormon.


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Portrait of Mosiah 18

By Nani Lii S. Furse
Another morning moved upon the
waters, lifting a veil of silver
flame while many awakened and
heard Alma’s words, gathered to that
place of quiet-spreading trees;
They believed when he taught—perhaps in
rooms kept to candlelight;
now on this shore turned
afternoon, he voices their
desire, witnessed through breathless
burial breaking over to sky,
sun, a Redeemer’s grace.
And they come filled, called after
His name—this being
done before evening passed the
wilderness beyond small stars.

Scripture Reference

Mosiah 18:1-30