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TitlePolitical Government
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1919
AuthorsSmith, Joseph F.
Book TitleGospel Doctrine: Selections from the Sermons and Writings of Joseph F. Smith
PublisherThe Deseret News
CitySalt Lake City
KeywordsCitizenship; Decalogue; Laws; Legal; Politics; Ten Commandments; Warfare

The Ten Commandments—The Laws of God and the Laws of the Land—No Nationalities in the Church—The Latter-day Saints Loyal to the United States—Loyalty to the Constitution of the United States—Proud of the United States—Origin and Destiny of the United States: Loyalty of the Latter-day Saints—Saints to Serve God—Guided by God to the West—True Patriotism—Importance of National Patriotism—The Church Not Partisan—The Church Loyal—Latter-day Saints Are Good Citizens—Church Not Responsible for Political Parties—The Church Not In Politics—Shun the Spirit of Mob Violence—The Danger of Mobs—The Basis of Labor Unions—Cause of War—Attitude Towards War—We Want Peace—When Peace Shall Come—Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men—The Key to Peace—God Strives with Warring Nations—Conduct of the Boys in the Army—Message to the Boys in War Service