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Opposition to the Work of God
TitleOpposition to the Work of God
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsAsay, Carlos E.
Date PublishedNovember 1981
KeywordsAntichrist; Apostasy; Korihor; Nehor; Opposition; Sherem

Three accounts of anti-Christs recorded in the Book of Mormon suggest ways to prevent individuals from being drawn in by Satan and his servants. The accounts instruct individuals to keep the commandments, avoid those who tear down faith, follow the living prophets, refrain from contending over doctrine, search the scriptures, stay true to the mission of the Church, pray for one’s enemies, practice pure religion, and remember that some things must be taken on faith. Opposition to the Church has a refining influence, indicates that the work is divine, and is bound to fail because the cause of the Church is just.