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Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsJaredite; Omer (Son of Shule)

The righteous son of King Shule, he was a victim of treachery and spent half of the days of his reign in captivity. His son Jared gave battle to Omer and took the kingdom but after many years two of Omer's sons led a rebellion one night and restored their father to the throne.

Although Jared's life was spared, he, his daughter and Akish (who had been a friend to Omer), planned to kill Omer and take back the kingdom. The Lord warned Omer who then took all his loyal family and departed to a land by the eastern sea. There they remained for many years while greed and secret combinations destroyed all but thirty members of Omer's former kingdom. Omer returned to a broken land but renewed it with his righteous followers.


Scripture Reference

Ether 1:29-30
Ether 8:1-18
Ether 9:1-15