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New Light on American Archaeology (Second Edition)

TitleNew Light on American Archaeology (Second Edition)
Publication TypeBook
Year of PublicationNot Available
AuthorsHills, Louis Edward
Number of Pages232
PublisherLambert Moon Printing Company
CityIndependence, MO
KeywordsAbridgment; Ancient America – Mesoamerica; Archaeology; Book of Mormon Geography - Limited Geography Theory; Book of Mormon Geography - Mesoamerica; Bountiful (City of); Calendar System; Christ in America; Desolation (City of); Great White God; Hill Cumorah (Battleground); Hill Cumorah (New York); Isthmus; Jershon (Land of; Jesus Christ, Postmortal Appearances of; Kukulkan; Migration; Narrow Neck of Land; Native Americans – Maya; Native Americans – Nahuas; Native Americans – Quiches; Natural Disasters; Nephi (Land of); New World); Popol Vuh; Quetzalcoatl; River Sidon; Three Nephites; Tower of Sherrizah; Usumacinta River; Waters of Mormon; Works of Ixtlilxochitl; Zarahemla (Land of)

"This book was compiled from a series of lectures delivered by L. E. Hills, hence the occasional personal comments.

Mr. Hills spent years of study and research pertaining to the history, traditions, geography and archaeology of Mexico and Central America. Books of value came into his hands in remarkable ways.

So many requests have been received for this book since it was out of print, that we have decided to publish a second edition. The material gathered is too valuable to the proof of the Book of Mormon to be lightly discarded."