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My Soul Delighteth in the Words of Isaiah

TitleMy Soul Delighteth in the Words of Isaiah
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMalchus, Kylie
KeywordsIsaiah (Book); Nephi (Son of Lehi)

This is my depiction of Nephi studying Isaiah out of the brass plates. In order for Nephi to have such a unique understanding of Isaiah's prophesies, he must have dedicated countless hours to studying, pondering, and praying about his words. I like to imagine he studied by night, perhaps the only free time he had in the midst of journeying in the wilderness, hunting, and ship building. I depicted Nephi reading by the light of an Iron-Age-style oil lamp, which would've been typical around 600 BC. Nephi is a personal hero of mine and it was a privilege to paint my vision of him. His love for the scriptures inspires me to search them more carefully and liken them unto myself. This oil painting was done on a 16x20 inch canvas board.

Scripture Reference

2 Nephi 11:2-8