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TitleMuerte Espiritual
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGatica, Thomas Utreras
KeywordsSpiritual Death

This piece was an entry in the Youth Category for the 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest and received an Honorable Mention.

"The piece refers to two scripture passages that are 2 Nephi 28:19, 20, 21, 22 (requested passage) and Alma 13:30 (requested passage) , the piece makes reference that if the devil deceives us and makes us angry (face and right hand closed) we can be chained and once chained we can suffer spiritual death (half figure of torso upwards coming out of the semi complete figure more great) because under the deceptions of Satan we would sin and we would remain in ignorance and perdition and as we would be under their chains we would suffer spiritual death because we would be ignorant and unless we repent we would continue under the chains of satan constantly sinning in ignorance, it is vital that we avoid the deceits of satan and the consequences that it would bring to be deceived (chains of the figure) in order to have control over our actions and not do something that we have to regret. Although my work and perspective on the project is of a chained man suffering spiritual death, that of judges can be totally different or different in some aspects since that is what art seeks to project different perspective according to the person, the art is the transmission of an idea through the visual perspective of a work."