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The Most Correct Book: Insights from a Book of Mormon Scholar
TitleThe Most Correct Book: Insights from a Book of Mormon Scholar
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsTvedtnes, John A.
Number of Pages367
PublisherCornerstone Publishing
CitySalt Lake City
KeywordsAncient America; Baptism; Book of Mormon; Colophon; Gentiles; Hidden Records; Ishmael; Jaredite; Jeremiah; Jerusalem; Kingship; Laban; Lamanite; Lehi (Prophet); Lost 116 Pages; Mormon; Narrative; Nephite; Old World; Opposition; Prophecy; Prophet; Reformed Egyptian

Over the years, Book of Mormon scholars have noticed extraordinary clues hidden in its subtle details. Many of these have proven the source of convincing evidence that the Book of Mormon is a genuine history. This outstanding work by a scholar of Middle Eastern antiquities presents some of that evidence. Included are insights about discoveries made since the time of Joseph Smith that suggest the ancient existence and nature of "reformed Egytptian;" newly discovered texts that show Jeremiah really did testify of the Savior, as taught in the Book of Mormon; Old World writings that support the brother of Jared's idea of lighting Jaredite barges with stones touched by the Savior; evidence that Laban was involved in a conspiracy with the Elders in Jerusalem which was much like those of the Gadianton Robbers; the old-world profession of Lehi and his sons; some eye-opening similarities between the slaying of Laban by Nephi and the slaying of the Egyptian by Moses; the probable timing of the Savior's visit to the Nephites; the similarity of untranslated words in the Book of Mormon (like "ziff") to words in certain Middle Eastern languages; why oaths in the Book of Mormon were relied on in war, and ancient texts that uphold Nephi's teachings about Satan. A powerful testimony of Joseph Smith's prophetic calling, this book demonstrates the inspired nature of the work he described as "the most correct book on earth."

The Most Correct Book: Insights from a Book of Mormon Scholar