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TitleMoronihah (Son of Captain Moroni)
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsMoronihah (Son of Moroni); Nephite; Warfare

The son of the famous captain Moroni who took command of the Nephite forces after his father retired. He led the Nephite army when Coriantumr (Nephite dissenter) plowed his forces into the heart of Nephite lands, sending Lehi to head them off of their northern route and then attacking with his forces from the south. Moronihah demonstrated the same mercy his father was famous for when he allowed the Lamanite warriors who surrendered to return to their lands in peace.

Moronihah was also part of one of the worst defeats in Nephite history due to the wickedness of the people. Lamanites succeeded in capturing almost all of the Nephite lands south of the narrow neck. Moronihah was successful in regaining some of the lands but quickly realized that they could do no more until the people humbled themselves and repented. Along with Nephi and Lehi, sons of Helaman, Moronihah preached to his people. Ultimately, the war was won by the Spirit of God being poured out upon their enemies through the preaching of Nephi and Lehi.


Scripture Reference

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