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TitleTo Me He Doth Not Stink
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsLewis, Sierra
KeywordsAmmon (Son of King Mosiah); King Lamoni; King Lamoni's Wife

Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

The story of King Lamoni and his queen has consistently inspired me and my faith. Seeing the love the queen has for her husband and the faith she has in God, from the little she learned, shows that even with an ounce of faith great miracles can occur. She unwaveringly stayed by his side continuously hoping for her husband to rise again. Despite the servants and others bombarding the queen with ideas to place the King in a sepulcher and stated that he stinks, she combats those thoughts with the incredible line, " me he doth not stink." That is true love.

Working part time as a children's art teacher at her local community center, the artist looks for new ways to inspire the rising generation to create and think for themselves. With the time spent in the studio not teaching, her main focus is about people, telling stories, and finding new ways to show emotion in the drawings and paintings she creates. She constantly seeks ways to bring feeling and strike thoughts into the minds of the viewer engaging their own lives and backstories to relate to the people within the painting or drawing. Her passion is to make a difference in the people she interacts with daily as well as through those who interact with her art.
To Me He Doth Not Stink by Sierra Lewis

Scripture Reference

Alma 19:3-5