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Lesson XIV. The Salvation of the Dead

TitleLesson XIV. The Salvation of the Dead
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1914
Secondary AuthorsKimball, Mary Connelly
MagazineThe Young Woman's Journal
Issue Number1
Date PublishedJanuary 1914
KeywordsAtonement; Baptism; Elijah (Prophet); Faith; Repentance; Resurrection; Salvation; Temple Worship

Salvation free—The atonement infinite—No law no condemnation—The heathen remembered—The heathen in the first resurrection—No unclean thing in the kingdom of heaven—None saved in sin—Knowledge of Jesus to spread—Every man has heard good and evil—None saved without repentance—Belief and baptism essential to salvation—No other name than that of Jesus—No other means—The great and last sacrifice—The second death—Condition of the dead—The mission of Elijah—The Nephites temple-builders—Summary.