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TitleLanguages of the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1992
Corporate AuthorsEnsign Staff
Issue Number8
Date PublishedAugust 1992
KeywordsForeign Language Translation

By the end of 1991 the Book of Mormon had been translated into ninety languages.


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Languages of the Book of Mormon

For twenty years, the Book of Mormon was printed only in English. During the next 127 years, thirty translations were made. That number more than doubled during the 1980s, with either all or part of the Book of Mormon being translated into seventy-nine new languages. By the end of 1991—two years later—the number had grown to ninety.

1830–1850: 1

1850–1978: 32

1979–1989: 79

1990–1991: 90