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"Lamanites" and the Spirit of the Lord

Title"Lamanites" and the Spirit of the Lord
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsEngland, Eugene
JournalDialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
KeywordsLamanite Mark; Lamanites; Prophecy; Skin Color

The article explores the historical context and personal experiences of individuals dedicated to assisting native peoples of the Americas and Polynesia referred to as "Lamanites." The author highlights the transformative journey of his parents, who felt compelled by what the author terms as "the spirit of Lehi" to consecrate their resources and efforts towards helping those who are called Lamanites. England discusses into the origins and meaning of the term "Lamanite" as it was used to refer to different groups within the Book of Mormon, as well as it should be properly used today. In discussing the prophesied future of this group, he underscores the spiritual and moral responsibilities associated with fulfilling promises made in the Book of Mormon towards them, emphasizing the need for active engagement and support from the broader community.