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TitleThe Lamanite
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1955
AuthorsKimball, Spencer W.
MagazineImprovement Era
Issue Number4
Pagination226–228, 246, 250–252, 254–256, 258
Date PublishedApril 1955
KeywordsMissionary Work; Native Americans; Native Americans – Apache; Native Americans – Cherokee; Native Americans – Navajo; Native Americans – Sioux; Prophecy

This article is an impassioned retelling of the horrible maltreatment by the white man of the Lamanites (more especially of the Cherokee, Sioux, Navajo, and Apache Indian Nations). This maltreatment was prophesied in the scriptures. President Kimball extends a poignant plea for Church members to possess an active concern for the Lamanites by giving them opportunity, understanding, and warm fellowship.