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TitleJared's(Son of Omer) Daughter
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsDaughter of Jared (Son of Omer); Jared (Son of Omer); Jaredite

When her father, Jared, lost the kingdom he had forcibly taken, Jared's daughter introduced a plan to reinstall her father to the throne. It involved seducing the king's friend Akish and then having him kill her own grandfather, king Omer. The Lord warned Omer to flee and Jared became king. Jared's daughter became the wife of Akish who then had Jared killed while he sat upon his throne. Whatever she hoped to gain was shattered as Akish become mad with greed and power, even killing his own sons. Ultimately, Akish and she (presumably) died in the war that destroyed all but thirty of the inhabitants of the kingdom.


Scripture Reference

Ether 8:8-18
Ether 9:4