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TitleJared (Son of Omer)
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsJared (Son of Omer); Jaredite

A rebellious older son of Omer. He succeeded in taking the kingdom from his father and ruled for many years. Eventually, he was deposed by two of his younger brothers who then returned Omer to the throne.

Although Jared's life was spared he lamented the loss of his kingdom. Jared's daughter proposed a plan to seduce the king's friend Akish and kill the king, but when Omer fled, Jared got his wish and was crowned king. Akish soon realized his position of power and had Jared beheaded as he sat upon his throne.


Scripture Reference

Ether 8:1-19
Ether 9:3-6