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An Introduction to the Study of the Book of Mormon

TitleAn Introduction to the Study of the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1927
AuthorsSjodahl, Janne M.
Number of Pages555
PublisherDeseret News Press
CitySalt Lake City
KeywordsAncient America - North America; Ancient America - South America; Ancient America – Mesoamerica; Book of Mormon Geography - Hemispheric; Doctrine; Eight Witnesses; Gold Plates; Lamanites; Latter-day Saint History (1820-1846); Mulekites; Native Americans - Aztec; Native Americans - Maya; Native Americans - Toltec; Native Americans – Algonquins; Native Americans – Iroquois; Native Americans – Muyscas; Native Americans – Nahuas; Native Americans – Pueblo; Nephites; Three Witnesses

This little volume owes its existence chiefly to the desire of the author to add his testimony, at this time, to that of numerous others, bearing the holy Priesthood, of the truths revealed in the Book of Mormon for the salvation of man.

But the responsibility is not entirely the author’s.

Some of the contents of the book has appeared in the Improvement Era and other Church publications during the last ten years, and friends have been good enough to say, repeatedly, that they would be glad to have those contributions in some form more convenient for reference. Acting on their suggestion, I have collected some papers previously published and others that now appear for the first time, and respectfully submit them in this form to the public. In doing so, it is my sincere prayer that the testimony here offered may be of benefit to the reader, and especially to honest seekers after truth.

Table of Contents

20 Chapters

Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 35–46
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 67–81
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 82–111
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 112–154
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 155–183
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 198–250
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 251–261
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 262–282
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 323–335
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 336–369
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 370–394
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 395–405
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 406–436
Janne M. Sjodahl | pp. 478–501