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Interpreting “Mormon’s Geographical Map” via Alma 22:27–35 and Alma 50:1–36
TitleInterpreting “Mormon’s Geographical Map” via Alma 22:27–35 and Alma 50:1–36
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAndersen, Joe V., and Ted Dee Stoddard
KeywordsAncient America; Geography; Mesoamerica; Mormon (Prophet)

This article will focus on the fact that Mormon apparently desired Book of Mormon readers to understand Book of Mormon geography as found in Alma 22:27–35 and Alma 50:1–36. These parallel geographical accounts will be referred to throughout this article as “Mormon’s Geographical Map.” In fact, not only in these verses but also throughout the Book of Mormon, Mormon wrote as if he had a map in front of him and as if he expected his readers to relate to specific geographical features of that map.


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Scripture Reference

Alma 22:27-35
Alma 50:1-36