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Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture 29 (2018)

TitleInterpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture 29 (2018)
Publication TypeJournal
Secondary AuthorsPeterson, Daniel C.
Year of Publication2018
PublisherThe Interpreter Foundation
Place PublishedProvo, UT
This is volume 29 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published by The Interpreter Foundation. It contains articles on a variety of topics including: "Is Faith Compatible with Reason?",
"On Being the Sons of Moses and Aaron: Another Look at Interpreting the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood",
"“The Time is Past”: A Note on Samuel’s Five-Year Prophecy",
"Too Little or Too Much Like the Bible? A Novel Critique of the Book of Mormon Involving David and the Psalms",
"The Word Baptize in the Book of Mormon",
"Pushing through Life’s Pilgrimage Together",
"The Gospel According to Mormon",
"Joseph Smith’s Universe vs. Some Wonders of Chinese Science Fiction",
"Dehumanization and Peace",
"Peace in the Holy Land",
"What is Mormon Transhumanism? And is it Mormon?",
"Race: Always Complicated, Never Simple",
"The Case of the Missing Commentary",
"Much More than a Plural Marriage Revelation",
"Isaiah 56, Abraham, and the Temple",
"Toward a Deeper Understanding: How Onomastic Wordplay Aids Understanding Scripture",
"What’s in a Name? Playing in the Onomastic Sandbox",
"The Habeas Corpus Protection of Joseph Smith from Missouri Arrest Requisitions",
"Missourian Efforts to Extradite Joseph Smith and the Ethics of Governor Thomas Reynolds of Missouri."