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How Captain Moroni Helped My Marriage
TitleHow Captain Moroni Helped My Marriage
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBagley, Michelle H.
Issue Number4
Date PublishedApril 1999
KeywordsAdversity; Captain Moroni; Marriage

Bagley discusses how the Book of Mormon helped her during a rough period of her marriage. She felt love slipping away from their relationship as she began to focus on her husband’s flaws. As she read the Book of Mormon she found that Captain Moroni’s battle with Zerahemnah in Alma 43 could be applied to her own life. The breakdown of Nephite society was equated to the breakdown of her marriage. She then took courage in Moroni’s words to the Nephites to fight for their wives and children (Alma 43:8). She also notes that Moroni fortified the weak places (Alma 49:14-15) and she also applies Ether 12:27 to this. Additionally, she uses 3 Nephi 14:3-5 to address hypocrisy in marriage. At the end, after she has resolves her marital issues she states her family was happy like the Nephites were happy during Moroni’s days (Alma 50:23).