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Hebrew Idioms and Analogies in the Book of Mormon, II

TitleHebrew Idioms and Analogies in the Book of Mormon, II
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1910
AuthorsBrookbank, Thomas W.
MagazineImprovement Era
Issue Number3
Date PublishedJanuary 1910
KeywordsHebraisms; Language - Hebrew; Linguistic Analysis; Linguistics; Onomastics

A series that produces evidence that the Book of Mormon is an ancient Hebrew work, containing Hebraisms. Emphasizes: (1) The Book of Mormon contains peculiar grammatical structures that are similarly found in the Bible, (2) many of the proper names in the Book of Mormon possess a notable Jewish character, and (3) many of the Jaredite proper names contain Hebraic similarities that date back to the period predating the Tower of Babel. The second part covers Hebraisms and Nephite proper names.