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Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsRivera, Cassandra

Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest – Youth Division.

Age: 15

Joseph and Emma Smith lost their firstborn son during a time of great trial in their lives. They were living in Harmony, Pennsylvania at the time. Martin Harris had the 116 translated pages of the Book of Mormon and had not returned. Emma Smith nearly died of sickness and was very weak. They lived near Emma's parents who did not agree with them concerning religion.  They were facing a very difficult time in their lives and on top of that they lost their baby. They were alone and could only find comfort in each other.

The artist has enjoyed art her entire life. She learned to draw from her mother who graduated from Art Instruction Schools, Inc. She spends most of her free time drawing, painting, cartooning, etc. Art helps her relax and to be more observant. One of her favorite things to draw is people. She enjoys cartooning people as well as drawing them realistically. She enjoys being creative  with colors and loves to cartoon movie characters.  Beside her love for art she enjoys acting, riding horses, playing with her rabbits, playing the violin and piano, watching movies, and spending time with family.

Heartache by Cassandra Rivera