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TitleA Guide to the Joseph Smith Papyri
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsGee, John
Number of Pages67
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsBook of Abraham; Book of Abraham Facsimiles; Book of Abraham Translation; Joseph Smith Papyri

Since the rediscovery of the Joseph Smith Papyri in 1967, the papyri have been the center of conflicting, and often confusing, claims. Written by Egyptologist John Gee, this guide reflects not only the latest Egyptological research but also the most recent Latter-day Saint thought about the papyri.

Table of Contents

8 Chapters

John Gee | pp. 1–13
John Gee | pp. 14–17
John Gee | pp. 32–41
John Gee | pp. 46–49
John Gee | pp. 50–59
John Gee | pp. 60–64