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Giving Blood (Mosiah 3:7; Mosiah 4:2)

TitleGiving Blood (Mosiah 3:7; Mosiah 4:2)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAnderson, Sharon Price
Book TitleThe Glory of the Son
PublisherTime Lines Etc.
CityOrem, UT
KeywordsAtonement; Garden of Gethsemane; Poetry

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Giving Blood

Reclining here in 
sterile comfort,
I squeeze the foam block
that fits neatly in the palm
of my hand and watch the
bag at the end of the red
tube begin to bulge.
In a few minutes,
I’ll  be offered juice 
and cookies.  Tomorrow 
I won’t even notice
the tiny bruise on my arm.
But here,  I remember 
my mother and consider 
her bed of pain and sacrifice
the day I was born.  
I think about those whose 
life fluid flowed for freedom
onto muddy battlefields,
the wounded who still limp
when the weather is damp
and their buddies
who ate their last rationed
meal in cold trenches.
I picture a garden and hill 
where, in atoning agony,
Another’s blood was 
also spilled for me. 


Scripture Reference

Mosiah 3:7
Mosiah 4:2