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TitleThe Geography of the Jaredites
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAndersen, Joe V., and Natasha Smith
KeywordsAncient America; Book of Mormon Geography; Jaredite; Mesoamerica

While the debate still burns as to where in Mesoamerica the Nephites and Lamanites resided, few have attempted to create and identify an internal map of the geography of the Jaredites. Although the body of work that is dedicated to the history and account of the Jaredite people is only a fraction of the overall text of the Book of Mormon, cardinal directions, descriptions of specific locations, and references to Nephite locations are used throughout the brief body of work. These specific mentions of the geography, which may seem minute with a casual read, cumulatively amount to an internal map of the Jaredite people. Further, because the geography of the Jaredites corresponds with some Nephite locations, the internal map can reasonably be placed in Central America near the previously proposed Nephite location. By constructing an internal map and identifying a probable physical location of the Kingdom of the descendants of the Jaredites, it follows that archeological evidence should be able to relatively identify a possible descendant culture of the Jaredite people.