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Four Peruvian Versions of the White God Legend

TitleFour Peruvian Versions of the White God Legend
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsMagleby, Kirk
MagazineNew Era
Date PublishedDecember 1978
KeywordsAncient America - South America

Many native tribes in the Western Hemisphere preserve oral traditions about the ancient appearance of a white god who came down from heaven to instruct and organize his people. Some of the most interesting versions of this tradition come from Peru, where this legendary deity is known by different names. A number of Spaniards, attempting to preserve the history and traditions of the conquered Incan empire, wrote accounts of this white god that they gathered from the wisemen and noblemen of the Incas. Synthesizing elements from various Peruvian versions of the story, an interesting portrait of the white god emerges—one that correlates rather closely with the account of the resurrected Christ to America as recorded in the Book of Mormon.