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Finding Doctrine and Meaning in the Book of Mormon Isaiah

TitleFinding Doctrine and Meaning in the Book of Mormon Isaiah
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBenson, RoseAnn, and Shon D. Hopkin
JournalReligious Educator: Perspectives on the Restored Gospel
KeywordsCovenant; Isaiah; Jesus Christ; Justice; Literature; Mercy; Prophecy; Prophet

This article's chief purpose and contribution to existing Isaiah scholarship is to show how the main doctrines and purposes of the Book of Mormon, found on the title page and in the writings of Book of Mormon prophets, mirror and follow the central focus of the Isaiah chapters. Specifically, we will show how the scattering and gathering of the house of Israel, due to their acceptance or rejection of the covenant of Christ, illustrate the doctrines of justice and mercy as taught in the Book of Mormon. While in one sense this article simplifies the message of Isaiah by pointing to overarching themes recognized by the Book of Mormon prophets, we do not intend to obfuscate the complexity of Isaiah's teachings, the nuance of his literary skills, or his multilayered approach that emphasizes numerous concepts not mentioned in this article. In this article we intend to focus on one way of teaching Isaiah that will help students synthesize the overarching themes of his messages, rather than to minimize other important concepts he taught that have been discussed by other scholars.