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Title"The Fifth Gospel" (19 January 1905)
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1905
AuthorsRoberts, B.H.
MagazineThe Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
Issue Number3
Date Published19 January 1905
Keywords3 Nephi; Baptism; Christ in America; Fifth Gospel; Israel; Israel, Ten Lost Tribes of; Jesus Christ, Postmortal Appearances of; Lost Tribes; Sacrament; Sermon at the Temple

This series discusses the major contribution of 3 Nephi: the appearance of the risen Christ on the American continent. His ministry was not limited to the eastern hemisphere, He also visited the lost tribes of Israel and raised up prophets in the Americas who foretold His appearance. Roberts notes the distinction made between the Savior’s remarks to the twelve and those to the multitude, and points out that 3 Nephi specifies the proper mode of baptism and the sacrament. The second part considers some Native American traditions and calendars.