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TitleCoriantumr (Descendant of Zarahemla)
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsCoriantumr (Descendant of Zarahemla); Dissenter; Nephite; Zarahemla (Mulekite); Zarahemla (Polity)

A large and mighty dissenter from the Nephites and a descendant of Zarahemla. He led a Lamanite army to take the capital city of Zarahemla killing the chief judge, Pacumeni. After that, he continued north, conquering as he went, until he met up with Captain Lehi who turned his forces in retreat to the south. Captain Moronihah (Captain Moroni's son) blocked the way to the south and defeated Coriantumr's armies. Coriantumr was found among the slain. Those that surrendered were allowed, by the mercy of Moronihah, to return to their lands in peace.


Scripture Reference

Helaman 1:15-34