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TitleCorianton, Chapter III
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1889
AuthorsRoberts, B.H.
MagazineThe Contributor
Issue Number7
Date PublishedMay 1889
KeywordsCorianton (Son of Alma the Younger); Fiction

A fictional portrayal of events in the life of Corianton, one of the sons of Alma the Younger. Corianton joins the mission to the Zoramites. While he is an effective missionary, he has not been fully converted to all the principles of the gospel, and is beset by pride. In the streets of Antionum, he encounters the crazed Korihor, who is trampled by the horses of the city guardsman before his eyes. Embittered by what he percieves as a lack of mercy on the part of the Lord, he returns to his lodging at the home of one of the chief Zoramites and is confronted by a woman who says she has been looking for him.