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Confirmatory Evidences of "Mormonism": Baptism Early in America

TitleConfirmatory Evidences of "Mormonism": Baptism Early in America
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1934
AuthorsHarris, Jr., Franklin S.
MagazineThe Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star
Issue Number1
Date Published4 January 1934
KeywordsAncient America – Mesoamerica; Baptism; Immersion; Infant Baptism; Mexico; Native Americans – Aztec; Native Americans – Maya; Priesthood Ordinances

Catholic missionaries who arrived in America found the natives practicing baptism and were horrified. Some cultures sprinkled while others immersed the infant, but it was always meant to lead the individual toward a better life and salvation in the kingdom of God. These practices are explained by the Book of Mormon text that informs the reader that baptism was introduced early in America’s history.