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Christopher Columbus: A Latter-day Saint Perspective
TitleChristopher Columbus: A Latter-day Saint Perspective
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsGarr, Arnold K.
Number of Pages103
PublisherReligious Studies Center, Brigham Young University
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsChristopher Columbus; Prophecy

While many books have been written about the life of Christopher Columbus and his New World discoveries, this one has a different thrust—that Columbus was not just a skilled, courageous sailor but was also a chosen instrument in the hands of God. This book profiles the man from Genoa who apparently yearned from childhood for the seafaring life and who early began to acquire the nautical knowledge and experience that would make him the most widely traveled seaman of his day and would help him rise to the top ranks in that career.


Table of Contents

15 Chapters

DeLamar Jensen | pp. ix-xii
Arnold K. Garr | pp. xiii-xv
Arnold K. Garr | pp. 7-17
Arnold K. Garr | pp. 29-37
Arnold K. Garr | pp. 53-62
Arnold K. Garr | pp. 71-72
Arnold K. Garr | pp. 93-97
Book cover of Christopher Columbus: A Latter-day Saint Perspective